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Your Experienced and Trusted Traffic Ticket Attorney

Henderson County NC Reckless Driving, Expired Registration, No Insurance

When you get pulled over in Henderson County, North Carolina, law enforcement officers will frequently tack on to your traffic ticket an additional charge, such as reckless driving. The Henderson County NC traffic ticket lawyers at Langer Law Firm Ticket Defense understand that this can present a big problem because reckless driving can carry more insurance points than your underlying speeding ticket, depending upon what the speed limit was and how fast you were driving at the time. In North Carolina, a reckless driving conviction will result in four (4) insurance points, which will raise your insurance by eighty percent (80%)! And, that does not even take into account the points that can be assessed based upon any of the other violations with which you were charged during the stop. But, there is no need to worry because our experienced Hendersonville NC traffic ticket attorneys are here to help.

Under most circumstances, when someone is given both a speeding ticket and a citation for reckless driving, the local attorneys at Langer Law Firm Ticket Defense are able to negotiate with the assistant district attorneys and get the reckless driving charge dismissed. Sometimes, the driver will be required to take either a National Safety Council or Safety and Health Council of North Carolina approved driving school in order to secure a dismissal of the violation. Luckily, most of the time no such driving school is required. We make every effort to ensure that our clients do not have to take a traffic course if it is not absolutely necessary for the voluntary dismissal of their reckless driving violation. However, if a driving school is mandated by the district attorney in your particular case, it is definitely a course worth taking. Spending the time on a four-hour (or eight-hour, depending upon the severity of your charges) traffic school can save you thousands of dollars in insurance premiums for years to come.

Expired Registration and No Insurance

More common than reckless driving citations are citations for an expired registration and for not having insurance (usually because the insurance has lapsed without your knowledge). If you can provide us with proof that you have renewed your vehicle’s registration, we can show that proof to an assistant district attorney on your court date, and he or she will very likely dismiss the charge. Likewise, if you can show us proof that you either had insurance at the time that you were pulled over or that you now have insurance, we can very likely have your no insurance violation dismissed. Remember, we can generally handle everything without you ever having to step foot in the courtroom.

If you have received a speeding ticket and a citation for reckless driving, call your local Henderson County traffic ticket lawyer NOW at 828-490-RIDE (7433) for a completely free consultation! We will go over with you in detail all of your options and let you know the costs and/or fees, if any, associated with each option. Our Hendersonville speeding ticket attorneys know the North Carolina traffic laws inside and out, and, more importantly, know how Henderson County in particular handles each type of traffic violation. When dealing with traffic offenses, which can result in serious legal and financial consequences if not handled properly, you need the help of a local and knowledgeable legal professional. Contact us now using this Online Form, or send an image of your citation to 828-490-RIDE (7433).

Client Reviews
Mr. Gordon Langer Esq. handled my legal situation in a very expedient and cost efficient manner. I really couldn't be more pleased and I highly recommend him as a lawyer and a credible individual. Thank you so very much. James Hubbell
Mr. Langer is one great lawyer. He really takes his cases head on and takes time out to explain everything piece by piece. He’s not going to let anyone get one over on you and he will truly stand behind the innocent until proven guilty. If you’re looking for a great attorney to stay in contact with you everyday, Mr. Langer is your guy. Alicia Logan
I have used Mr. Langer's services for various things and I can't say enough good things about his professionalism and his dedication to his clients. In every situation that I've needed his assistance, I've been happy with the outcome. Mr. Langer is definitely someone I would recommend to family and friends if they needed legal advice and representation. Johnathan McCoy