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Your Experienced and Trusted Traffic Ticket Attorney

Henderson County Traffic Ticket Lawyer - Hendersonville NC

Did an officer issue you a traffic ticket in Henderson County?

Gordon Langer is your experienced Hendersonville traffic ticket attorney. Attorney Langer founded Langer Law Firm Ticket Defense because traffic ticket defense is his favorite area of law. Hendersonville North Carolina is where Mr. Langer first began focusing solely on representing individuals who have either received a speeding ticket in Hendersonville or who have been charged with any other driving-related offense. While the geographic area throughout which he represents clients has continued to grow, Gordon Langer’s home base and headquarters is still in Henderson County, NC. Call 828-490-RIDE (7433) now to speak directly with local and experienced Henderson County traffic ticket lawyer Gordon Langer. The telephone consultation is 100% FREE! You can also simply text a photograph of your citation to his cell phone using the number above, and he will respond to you promptly. Feel free to Send Us a Message as well, but calling or texting is the fastest way to receive a response.  

Attorney Langer handles the following types of cases:

Designated Lane Violation (For Commercial Driver’s License [CDL] Holders)
Failure to Reduce Speed (Generally due to a car accident or wreck)
Driving While License Revoked (DWLR)
Driving With a Suspended License 
No Operator’s License (NOL)
Reckless Driving and Careless Driving
Open Container
Speeding in a Work Zone or School Zone
Following Too Closely
Unsafe Movement
Expired Registration
No Insurance
Hit and Run
Missed Court Dates
AND many other driving offenses

Hire us now by calling 828-490-RIDE (7433) or by texting to us a picture of your ticket.

It is very important that you hire a local traffic ticket attorney in Henderson County. While the North Carolina General Statutes apply across the entire state regardless of the prosecutorial district in which you received your citation, each prosecutorial district generally has its own set of unique standards for dismissing or reducing traffic citations and for the imposition of discretionary monetary fines in addition to the standard court costs that are assessed in almost every case. Henderson County is situated in North Carolina’s 42nd prosecutorial district, along with Polk County and Transylvania County. As an accomplished Hendersonville NC traffic ticket lawyer, Gordon Langer is knowledgeable regarding not only the statewide, statutory motor vehicle law framework and the statutory fines related thereto, he also has extensive familiarity with District 42’s peculiar procedures and standards for handling traffic citations and for imposing (or not imposing) fines for the various traffic infractions and driving related criminal offenses.

We resolve Henderson County traffic violations and speeding tickets in Hendersonville, Fletcher, Mills River, Flat Rock, Laurel Park, and other neighboring locations.  

Effectively resolving a speeding ticket or other traffic citation is just one aspect of competent legal representation. Knowing the consequences of each method of resolution is just as important because the effects of each type of outcome can have significant legal and financial repercussions for years to come. This is why you should never attempt to handle a traffic citation by yourself. Rather, you should always consult an experienced attorney in order to determine your rights, your options, and all of the consequences that you may face with each option.

Speak personally with Gordon Langer about the details of your case right now by calling 828-490-RIDE (7433), or simply text a picture of your ticket to that same number. Mr. Langer will inform you of all of your options and lay out in detail any possible court costs or fines that may be associated with each option. Your consultation with Mr. Langer is absolutely free, so there is no reason not to call right now. As your knowledgeable Hendersonville speeding ticket attorney, Gordon Langer understands that incurring even a single North Carolina Safe Driver Incentive Plan Point (SDIP), often referred to simply as an “Insurance Point,” can raise your insurance rate by thirty percent (30%). Depending upon the facts of your particular case, you may be able to avoid Insurance Points by, among other things, receiving a reduction to an Improper Equipment (“I.E.”), obtaining a Prayer for Judgment Continued (“P.J.C.”) at the judge’s discretion, or even by merely paying your ticket. Please note that these and other options are not available in every case and that there are strict rules regarding how many times each option may be used in any given time period. It is also crucial that you are aware of the fact that paying your ticket is very often the worst thing that you can do.

Attorney Gordon Langer is well-versed in North Carolina’s oftentimes complex motor vehicle laws and North Carolina’s laws related to Insurance Points. Mr. Langer uses this knowledge to do everything legally possible to help his clients avoid both Insurance Points and North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicle Points, otherwise known as either DMV Points or License Points. DMV Points are based upon an entirely separate point system than Insurance Points. Although most people are only concerned with Insurance Points, DMV Points are very important with regard to keeping your driver’s license from being suspended.

What do I do if I missed my court date?

For detailed information regarding the consequences of missing the court date for your traffic ticket in Henderson County and how to remedy the situation, visit our Henderson County Missed Court Date page.

What if I received a reckless driving ticket in Hendersonville in addition to my other charged offense(s)?

Reckless driving is a crime and therefore should be taken very seriously. Take a look at our Reckless Driving page to learn more about how this criminal offense should be handled.

Call Henderson County traffic ticket attorney Gordon Langer right now at 828-490-RIDE (7433) for a completely FREE consultation. You can even text an image of your citation to that same number if that is easier for you. You can also fill out our Online Form, and Mr. Langer will respond to you as quickly as possible and answer any questions that you may have. If you received a traffic citation in Henderson County, we can help. We are here for you, so call us now!
Client Reviews
After receiving a speeding ticket in North Carolina and was told I had to go to court I had no idea what to do.Never had a ticket on my license before. I got in touch with Mr. Langer. He took care of everything with very little effort on my part. He was kind considerate and very professional. I would highly recommend him for any legal issue you might need a lawyer for in his field. Thank you Gordon. Kimberley C.
I have used Mr. Langer's services for various things and I can't say enough good things about his professionalism and his dedication to his clients. In every situation that I've needed his assistance, I've been happy with the outcome. Mr. Langer is definitely someone I would recommend to family and friends if they needed legal advice and representation. Johnathan McCoy
Until we came to see Gordon, our situation was truly scary and confusing, but his professionalism, knowledge and expertise allowed us to feel assured that things were going to be alright during such a difficult time, and thanks to his outstanding work and dedication, (on such short notice), our case was settled with AMAZING results.. There are no words to thank Gordon for his hard work, dedication and true support when we needed it the most and there is no doubt that we hired the right attorney for the job! We highly recommend Gordon Langer and the Langer Law Firm Ticket Defense to anyone in need of legal services. Mark T. and Family