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Criminal Law

Attorney Gordon Langer is an experienced and aggressive Hendersonville criminal defense lawyer who is absolutely determined to obtain the best possible result for you in your case. Gordon Langer has represented many clients charged with simple misdemeanors such as Driving While Impaired a/k/a DWI or DUI (North Carolina General Statute §20-138.1) and Possession of Marijuana Drug Paraphernalia (N.C. Gen. Stat. §90-113.22A) and numerous other clients charged with more serious felony offenses such as Manufacturing, Delivering, or Possessing with Intent to Manufacture, Sell, or Deliver Controlled Substances (N.C.G.S. §90-95) and Breaking and Entering (N.C.G.S. §14-54). Mr. Langer represents his clients in District Court, Superior Court, and even Juvenile Court.

As a local Hendersonville criminal defense lawyer who spent a significant period of time on the so-called “court-appointed list” in order to help protect the rights of indigent criminal defendants, Gordon Langer was tasked with handling a wide array of criminal cases at each level of the court system. He has successfully represented many defendants charged with crimes not just in Henderson County, but also in Buncombe County (Asheville), Polk County (Columbus), and Transylvania County (Brevard).

Attorney Gordon Langer closely evaluates the facts and circumstances of every case in order to determine whether a prosecutor can prove the existence of facts supporting every element of the alleged criminal act. If even one element cannot be proven, the case may be dismissed. Even if there is evidence that fully supports each element of the crime charged, Mr. Langer may still be able to have the case dismissed or have evidence excluded based upon 1) the United States Constitution’s Fourth Amendment protections against unreasonable searches and seizures, 2) the North Carolina State Constitution’s prohibition against unlawful searches and seizures, 3) the North Carolina Criminal Procedure Act, or 4) North Carolina case law. Of course, every criminal case is different, and there are many cases that cannot be dismissed or that cannot have evidence excluded.

However, even if a case is not dismissed or evidence related to the case is not held to be inadmissible under either federal law or state law, Hendersonville criminal defense attorney Gordon Langer will fight diligently to work out a favorable plea agreement with the prosecutor that is acceptable to you. Many times, depending upon the type of offense and one’s criminal history, that will mean no jail time at all.

In some instances, a mutually agreeable plea arrangement simply cannot be reached with the prosecutor. When this happens, it is time to consider the possibility of taking your case to trial, either in front of a judge (also known as a bench trial) or in front of a jury of your peers. Ultimately, the decision regarding whether to enter into a plea deal or to have your case tried is up to you, not your lawyer. Attorney Gordon Langer will provide you with his legal advice regarding the potential risks and rewards given the facts of your particular case so that you can make a fully informed and intelligent decision regarding whether to proceed with a trial.

If after you have carefully considered all of your options you decide to have your case heard at trial, Gordon Langer will not hesitate for a moment to fight relentlessly for you in court and to do everything legally feasible in order to seek to obtain a verdict of Not Guilty. Mr. Langer will present your case in the light that is most favorable to you and will make it as difficult as possible for the State to meet its beyond a reasonable doubt burden of proof. Gordon Langer will not rest until he has done everything that he can do to advocate on behalf of you and your case.

Call Gordon Langer, your local and experienced Hendersonville criminal defense attorney, right now at 828-490-7433 to schedule a free consultation. You can also either send Mr. Langer a message using our Online Form, or you can email him directly at Contact him today to receive the legal counsel that you need and deserve for your case.

Client Reviews
Mr. Gordon Langer Esq. handled my legal situation in a very expedient and cost efficient manner. I really couldn't be more pleased and I highly recommend him as a lawyer and a credible individual. Thank you so very much. James Hubbell
Mr. Langer is one great lawyer. He really takes his cases head on and takes time out to explain everything piece by piece. He’s not going to let anyone get one over on you and he will truly stand behind the innocent until proven guilty. If you’re looking for a great attorney to stay in contact with you everyday, Mr. Langer is your guy. Alicia Logan
I have used Mr. Langer's services for various things and I can't say enough good things about his professionalism and his dedication to his clients. In every situation that I've needed his assistance, I've been happy with the outcome. Mr. Langer is definitely someone I would recommend to family and friends if they needed legal advice and representation. Johnathan McCoy