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Asheville Speeding Tickets

Attorney Gordon Langer, Langer Law Firm’s founding attorney, is not just a proficient Henderson County and Polk County traffic attorney, he is also an experienced Asheville speeding ticket lawyer. Asheville is located in the heart of Buncombe County, North Carolina. Unlike most other Western North Carolina counties, Buncombe County does not share its judicial district (District 28) with any other surrounding counties. This means that it has a set of unique court procedures and fine structures that are separate and apart from all of the neighboring judicial districts. It also means that it has its own district attorney and assistant district attorneys whose negotiation methods related to speeding tickets differ greatly from all other nearby counties. That is why you need a local Asheville speeding ticket lawyer like Gordon Langer who can use his expertise and knowledge of the local customs to get you the best possible result when resolving your traffic ticket.

Are you worried that your insurance may increase if you either pay your traffic citation online or pay for the citation in person on your court date? Well, you certainly should be. Paying your traffic ticket is almost always the worst decision that you can make. When you pay your ticket, you are pleading guilty to whatever violation you have been charged with, and you will receive all SDIP (Safe Driver Incentive Plan) insurance points that are associated with that particular violation. The minimum amount that your insurance premium can increase as a result of only one (1) insurance point is thirty percent (30%). For more serious violations, your insurance rate could increase by as much as three hundred and forty percent (340%). Not to mention the fact that you could lose your driving privilege altogether. Asheville speeding ticket attorney Gordon Langer is here for you and will answer all of your traffic citation questions, including those questions related to avoiding insurance points. Call 828-490-RIDE (7433) now to speak directly with attorney Gordon Langer. You also have the option of texting a picture of your speeding ticket to the aforementioned telephone number. Finally, if you find it easier to fill out this Online Form, you can do so and we will respond promptly to your inquiry.

Buncombe County, NC (Asheville) speeding ticket attorney Gordon Langer uses a wide array of tactics to help his clients avoid North Carolina insurance points. The availability of any one or more of the following options depends, of course, upon the particular violation or violations with which you were charged and upon your driving record. That being said, some of the most common options include outright dismissal; reduction to Improper Equipment (“I.E.”), which is a non-moving violation; reduction to what is often referred to as a “9-over;” and pleading to the original charge and receiving a Prayer for Judgment Continued (“P.J.C.”). It is very important that you consult an experienced lawyer regarding your traffic citation because, on occasion, some of the above-referenced outcomes, except for a dismissal of the charge or charges, can lead to insurance points and can cause you to lose your license! Yes, you heard that right. You can be hit with unexpected consequences or lose your license by pleading to an I.E. or by being granted a P.J.C. by a district court judge. If you have received a traffic citation, it is imperative that you speak with a local, experienced, and trusted lawyer as soon as possible in order to ensure that your interests are adequately protected.

Call your Asheville speeding ticket lawyer Gordon Langer right now at 828-490-RIDE (7433) for your free, no strings attached, comprehensive traffic ticket consultation. Or, you can send a text message with a picture of your citation to that same telephone number, and we will respond quickly to your message. If you prefer to leave us a written message using one of our Online Forms, you may do so as well. Alternatively, you can always reach Gordon Langer by email at Contact us today, we are here to assist you.

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Mr. Gordon Langer Esq. handled my legal situation in a very expedient and cost efficient manner. I really couldn't be more pleased and I highly recommend him as a lawyer and a credible individual. Thank you so very much.
Mr. Langer is one great lawyer. He really takes his cases head on and takes time out to explain everything piece by piece. He’s not going to let anyone get one over on you and he will truly stand behind the innocent until proven guilty. If you’re looking for a great attorney to stay in contact with you everyday, Mr. Langer is your guy. Alicia Logan
I have used Mr. Langer's services for various things and I can't say enough good things about his professionalism and his dedication to his clients. In every situation that I've needed his assistance, I've been happy with the outcome. Mr. Langer is definitely someone I would recommend to family and friends if they needed legal advice and representation. Johnathan McCoy