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Your Experienced and Trusted Traffic Ticket Attorney

Johnston County, NC (Smithfield, NC) Traffic Tickets

Believe it or not, there is actually some good news if you happened to have received a traffic ticket in Johnston County, North Carolina. For one, you have just now found an experienced Johnston County, NC traffic ticket lawyer whom you can trust to bring your case to the best possible resolution allowed under the law. Second, the assistant district attorneys in Smithfield, NC (Johnston County, NC) are particularly reasonable when attorneys are negotiating plea deals in the courtroom on behalf of their clients. Third, any possible court costs and / or fines that may (or may not) be due to the Johnston County Clerk of Superior Court at the resolution of a case are among the lowest anywhere throughout all of the counties in North Carolina. Contact us now by either TEXTING TO (919) 679-1871 AN IMAGE OF YOUR CITATION or simply giving us a call at that number, and one of our knowledgeable Johnston County, NC traffic ticket attorneys will explain to you in detail exactly how we can resolve your ticket for you at the most affordable rate and without you ever having to go to court.

In 2007, Johnston County was ranked number one (1) in the state of North Carolina for teen highway deaths. In fact, a whopping ten percent (10%) of all teen deaths related to traffic accidents occurred right here in this county. These are statistics that no county in the nation would be proud of. Johnston County took swift action to address this troubling situation, and as a result, its statewide teen driver death ranking has fallen dramatically since its first-place ranking in 2007. As detailed below, there are of course consequences that have been felt by teen drivers in the courtroom as a result of the measures taken to decrease the teen driver death rate.

The most common consequence is that any driver who is twenty-one (21) years of age or younger must complete an in-person, district attorney-approved traffic school course before the State will agree to reduce any traffic ticket offense to a lower offense. This includes reductions to Improper Equipment (I.E.) and 9-over, and even to Prayers for Judgment Continued (P.J.C.) and outright voluntary dismissals without leave to amend. Please note that when it comes to citations for not having valid insurance on your vehicle or to citations for an expired registration, it is generally allowable to submit proof of new insurance or a renewed registration in order to obtain a dismissal. Call your Smithfield, NC (Johnston County, NC) traffic ticket lawyer today at (919) 679-1871 or TEXT A CLEAR PICTURE OF YOUR CITATION to our attorneys at that telephone number right now. We can direct you to the traffic school courses that are accepted by the assistant district attorneys in order to obtain a reduction or dismissal of your citation.

Traffic law is an extremely specialized area of law. Many attorneys will take on traffic-related cases even though they have only intermittent experience with such cases. Our law firm’s name says it all – “Ticket Defense” is what we practice on a daily basis. We focus on traffic law so that you can feel comfortable that your case is being handled very competently by a Johnston County, NC traffic ticket attorney who has the experience to achieve the best possible result in your case. We are some of the very few traffic ticket attorneys that focus on handling traffic law throughout North Carolina. Let us show you how our experience can help you with your case.

In addition to your choices of calling us or texting us at the telephone number listed above, you can also email traffic ticket attorney Gordon Langer directly at He will respond to you quickly in order to answer all of your questions. You may also leave us a message using our Contact Form. We will respond to your online inquiry as soon as possible. Contact us today!

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After receiving a speeding ticket in North Carolina and was told I had to go to court I had no idea what to do.Never had a ticket on my license before. I got in touch with Mr. Langer. He took care of everything with very little effort on my part. He was kind considerate and very professional. I would highly recommend him for any legal issue you might need a lawyer for in his field. Thank you Gordon. Kimberley C.
I have used Mr. Langer's services for various things and I can't say enough good things about his professionalism and his dedication to his clients. In every situation that I've needed his assistance, I've been happy with the outcome. Mr. Langer is definitely someone I would recommend to family and friends if they needed legal advice and representation. Johnathan McCoy
Until we came to see Gordon, our situation was truly scary and confusing, but his professionalism, knowledge and expertise allowed us to feel assured that things were going to be alright during such a difficult time, and thanks to his outstanding work and dedication, (on such short notice), our case was settled with AMAZING results.. There are no words to thank Gordon for his hard work, dedication and true support when we needed it the most and there is no doubt that we hired the right attorney for the job! We highly recommend Gordon Langer and the Langer Law Firm Ticket Defense to anyone in need of legal services. Mark T. and Family